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Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG or LP Gas) is the generic term for the gases
propane, butane and mixtures of the two together.

LPG in Galana Oil Kenya Limited

The DELGAS brand guarantees safety, quality, correct quantity and value for money. Our LPG brand DELGAS has been making waves in the market for more than two years now, greatly increasing its dealership and presence in the country. It comes in:

  • 6kg
  • 13kg
  • 45kg / 50kg cylinders
  • Bulk
  • DELGAS LPG accessories

DELGAS cylinders come with a valve that is compatible with standard regulators and is in line with Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) and Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) criteria.


This packaging is mainly for domestic use due to its compactibility. Its advantages range from minimum space occupation, easy to handle and economical. Domestic uses range from from heating and lighting to use with specializedappliances such as water heaters, dishwashers, barbeque makers, private owned generators and other LPG using appliances. This packaging is also ideal for Leisure sectors such as small restaurants, small bakeries, neigbourhood food vendors, for purposes of indoor / outdoor heating, aesthetic lighting effects, catering and for special events such as camping and picnicking. 6 kg product range is available for multiple users with:

  • Single Burners when used with a Grill.
  • Two or more burners when used with specialized regulator and hosepipe.
  • Lanterns.


It covers domestic use for larger families. Commercially, it is a better fit to companies that require relatively higher operational output and whose operations are also relatively energy dependent. For instance in the Agricultural sector it may be used for temperature control in the green houses, heat pest control and packaging processes.

13kg product range is available with:

  • Regulator and hosepipe.

45kg / 50kg cylinders

Industrial uses assort from refrigeration, mass heating and cooking (large hotels, restaurants, hospitals and government/ corporate institutions), de-centralized generation of electricity and large appliances running such as production machinery or in the production process itself where vast energy is obligatory.

50kg/ 45kg is available with:

  • High pressure regulator and High pressure hosepipe.

NB : Special seals are used on our 6/13/45/50kg product range and users/customers are guaranteed of product authenticity.


This refers to Liquefied Petroleum Gas that is not in cylinders. Bulk LPG is used by mid to large scale industries like food, ceramic, glass, metal works, plastic, dairy and commercial establishments such as hotels and resorts. Bulk LPG Serves clients who have a fixed, high requirement of LPG in their operations rendering the need to maintain the Bulk LPG in pressurizedtanks .

Safe transportation

  • Delgas cylinders should be secured in an upright position and cylinder valves should be adequately plugged for transportation. Delgas cylinders must be fitted with a capped plastic cylinder plug
  • Do not carry more than 13kg in Delgas cylinders in a passenger vehicle and only transport cylinders in the boot whenever possible
  • Transportation of Delgas cylinders greater than 250 litres requires Delgas cylinder loads to be placarded
  • Unload Delgas cylinders as soon as you reach your destination

Safe storage

  • StoreDelgas cylinders in an upright position away from direct sunlight and ignition sources
  • Store petrol, flammable liquids or aerosols away from Delgas cylinders
  • Provide fire protection equipment appropriate to storage
  • To avoid confusion, store full and empty Delgas cylinders separately

Safe usage

  • Connect or disconnect Delgas cylinders away from a naked flame or ignition source
  • Turn the Delgas cylinder off at the valve when supply is not required
  • Replace any cracked or damaged hoses
  • Delgas cylinders must be tested by a qualified person at least every 10 years