HSSEQ - Policy

Teamwork is a crucial part of our business, as it is necessary
for colleagues to work well together.


Galana Oil Kenya Limited and its subsidiary companies is committed to managing the integrity of its operations and business activities in a responsible manner with due considerations to the health, safety and security of our personnel and the environment in which we conduct our business. This commitment is to avoid harm to all personnel, occupational illness, material damage, preventing pollution and minimizing the impact of our operations on environment, while achieving continuous improvement on our HSSEQ performance.

The management will attain this commitment by pursuing the following:

  • Conducting all aspects of our business in compliance with the statutory legislation, code of practices and applicable Oil industry standards;
  • Set objectives and targets which promote a proactive HSSEQ culture throughout the organization and continual improvement in HSSEQ performance.
  • Documenting operating, emergency preparedness, quality procedures and business continuity plans;
  • Conducting training for our staff, customers and service providers on health, safety, environment and quality issues so that they can understand our HSSE expectations and maintain appropriate HSSEQ standards.
  • Performing risk assessment for operational and new business activities;
  • Conducting fire risk surveys in our installations and bulk customer facilities;
  • Conducting health, safety, environment and quality audits in our operations and high risk service providers;
  • Investigating and analyzing accidents and high potential near miss incidents and diffusing the corrective actions;
  • Implementing integrated environment management in decision making process for sustainable development;
  • Developing stakeholders relationship in the business operations;
  • Include HSSEQ performance objectives in employee and contractor evaluations ,rewards and recognition.
  • Systematically and promptly responding to crisis in our business operations to mitigate against human suffering loss of life, pollution to the environment, damage to property and loss of business opportunities.

The responsibility for compliance with this policy lies with the Managing Director .It is also the responsibility of individuals to take ownership and responsibility for the quality of their own work. Galana oil will implement this through the Business Management System and conduct periodic and project specific audits and reviews to verify compliance and promote improvements.